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Beyond Pain Cultivating a Beautiful Life EBook

This ebook is about crossing the portal to the the other side of the pain, which is to a place of beauty. Imagine your world of pain as a desolate, dark place where you feel contracted and hopeless. Now imagine cultivating a world of beauty where your life is filled with so much of the healing energies of beauty that joy, abundance and grace ow through you and all around you allowing you to feel vital and expansive and full of creativity. This is the threshold for moving beyond pain and beginning to cultivate your beautiful life. This transformation is what this book is about using energy healing through journaling, guided energy healing meditations and energy coaching to: Release any discomfort or resistance and pain in the body that is holding you back from enjoying life to its fullest. Create a foundation for your bigger, brighter future and watch pain lessen its grip on you, so you can begin to cultivate those things you love in your life. This ebook is composed of three parts and a total of 14 days of exercises that can be repeated as needed.

Part 1 - Healing Your Pain (Days 1-2)

~Day 1 Acknowledging the Roots of Your Pain

~Day 2 Energy Healing Practices

Part 2 - Cultivating Your Beautiful Life (Days 3-11)

~Day 3 Connecting to the Energies of Divine Abundance

~Day 4 Connecting to the Energies of Heaven and Earth

~Days 5 - 11 Optimizing Your Energy/ Remodeling Your 7 Chakra Rooms

Part 3 - Designing Your Earth Sanctuary (Days 12-14)

~Day 12 Designing Your Sacred Rituals

~Day 13  Invoking the Goddesses for supporting and protecting your Earth Sanctuary

~Day 14  Creating sacred space with crystals, essential oils, color therapy and sound therapy

Plus 3 Bonus Practices

The Art of NOW, Deep Ecology and Sacred Home.

I am creating one on one coaching packages for those interested in receiving additional support with the material presented in the ebook.

Contact me if you are interested in the ebook and or private coaching for Beyond Pain: Cultivating Your Beautiful Life.


Beautiful Life Designs EBook

Writing the Beautiful Life Designs ebook was an intense experience in trusting myself. Allowing my inner guidance to come on line and upgrade how I offer myself to the world. This process has not been how I expected it to unfold. I have been straddling what feels like two worlds for over a decade by working on my private healing arts practice and continuing my double decade career in environmental health as a biologist and environmental toxicologist, all while becoming a wife and mother of three young children. Writing this book symbolizes the manifestation of the sweet life, the harmony and passion I desire to feel everyday and channel into everything I do. Writing this book is a portal to a magical, sacred place where you can design a beautiful life in the energy realms and then ground it to earth with practical steps. This book is just a sketch of what is possible for you and for me in designing a beautiful life, a life that embraces the ultimate beauty, love and joy of being human. This book contains 14 days of practices to craft your Beautiful Life Design energetically and begin to manifest it it in the 3D realm. The book is broken into 3 parts.

Part 1 - The Sweet Lifestyle (Days 1-4)

~Day 1 Relationship Building

~Day 2 Self-care Basics

~Day 3 Web of Life

~Day 4 Attitude 

Part 2 - Pleasure Healing Days (Days 5-10)

~Day 5 Biochemistry of Pleasure vs Stress

~Day 6 Sensual Healing - Sacred Bath

~Day 7 Sensual Healing - Self-massage

~Day 8 Sensual Healing - Essential Oils 

~Day 9 Sexual Energy Healing 

~Day 10 Healing Goddess Energies of Shakti 

Part 3 - Creating Sacred Space (Days 11-14)

~Day 11 Setting Intentions for Your Sacred Space

~Day 12 Creating Sacred Space/ Indoor Spaces

~Day 13 Creating Sacred Space/ Outdoor Spaces

~Day 14 Creating Sacred Space/ Work Spaces


3 bonus practices from experts on Living with an Open Heart, Awakening through Dance and Creating Sacred Space out in the World.

I am creating one on one coaching packages for those interested in receiving additional support with the material presented in the ebook.

Contact me if you are interested in the ebook and or private coaching for Beautiful Life Designs. 


Love Revolution Course

A journey of Love Embodiment with me as your Love Alchemist & Consul of Gaia. Embody lifestyle changes, alchemical earth magic, and tap into your multidimensional self in service of Love consciousness. You will experience the sacredness of essential oils, crystals, light languages of the heart, body movement, imagistic contemplations for clearing, healing and nourishing your Heart.

Heart Portal 1: Erotica (Physical Body)

Heart Portal 2: Love & Grace (Emotional Body)

Heart Portal 3: Ecstatic Delight (Spiritual Body)

Heart Portal 4: Sacred Dance (Relationships)

Heart Portal 5: Sacred Love (Devotion)

Heart Portal 6: Sacred Service (Humanity)


Join the Love Revolution...Be a Love Revolutionary

Embrace your Humanity by Embodiment of your Sensuality, your Sacred Sexuality.

Live a Sensual and Joyful life with a tender Open Heart.

Become a Courageous and Compassionate Human being.

Embody the Love Revolutionary.

Support you to open to a new field of prosperity by living from your heart, from love rather than fear.

We all have a story about why we can’t show up fully in our body. It is time to challenge the societal beliefs that oppress us. Like I’m too ugly, too nerdy, not the right shape. It is Your Birthright to enjoy being in your body. To move it and experience it through all your senses. The creative power from this place of embodiment is profound. The frequency of love generated is massive.

I invite you to cross the 6 portals of the Heart into a deep, fierce, courageous way of living life with an open heart.

Watch Video Transmission 

If you are curious...if your heart flutters with these words, contact me.

Harness the Courage and Ferocity for experiencing more and more Love in this Lifetime.


Exploring Epigenetics: Optimize Your Lifestyle and Environment to Promote Wellbeing Course

The Synergy of Science + Intuitive Healing 

Epigenetics : External modification to genes that turns them “on” or “off”. The DNA sequence is not changed (genotype) while the expression is (phenotype).


A chronic stress response alters the chemistry and limits gene expression to those activated under stress and repertoire of behavior falls under the survival mode (sympathetic mode/ fight, flight or freeze) and is characterized by closed circuit thinking, stuck in the box of our perceived limitations.


The relaxation response, the pleasure centers of our body alters the chemistry and opens gene expression to behaviors that are creative and able to problem solve in innovative ways, promotes more restful sleep and improved immunity and ability to deal with stressors as they arise from a place of balance. 


Sleep, Diet, Medications, Supplements, Household Chemicals (cleaning products, toiletries), Exercise, Meditation, Community, Other


Pollution, Lighting, Color, Odors, Sound, Touch (fabrics)

Cultivating A Daily Practice for Wellbeing

Meditation, Exercise, Diet, Sleep

Cultivating Sacred Space

Home Power Spots, Work Power Spots, Play (Nature or other Sanctuaries for Rejuvenation e.g. spas)

Cultivating Your Divine Design

Cultivating the Well-being of Our Children 

Contact me if you are interested in cultivating your wellbeing.