Infinite Self Royal Rebirth One on One

The Infinite Self Royal Rebirth One On One Transformation

Signature System to go from stuck, and feeling small to living large and liberated all in the flow of your soul!

Comes with infinite Self Oracle card deck, crystal & plant allies (perfumes) to support your transformational journey. 

Month One: Clear the old. Akashic Session plus Body detox.

Month Two: Healing spaces & Sanctuary - clearing and cleanse their spaces (like toxicology for their home and life), but space for their essence to breathe. How the environment affects the body and the essence.

Month Three: Nourish the body and find harmony in your environment 

Month Five- Deepening Leadership and Personal Power

Month Four: Unleashing Authentic Expression

Month Six: The Path To Freedom

Month Seven: Delicious divine desires.

Month 8: Voice, vision & following your sacred path

Month Nine: Embody higher self magic

Bonuses With This Program
 ($1500 Value)

It also includes in between messaging and support (Value $350 each month)