Liberation of a Woman's Soul Portals

Liberation of a Woman's Soul: A Journey of Personal Transformation

Chose to receive All the Collective Akashic Record Clearings + Akashic Field Rewrites or receive 1 at a time based on your needs. Sessions are approximately 60 minutes.

Portal 1 - Body (Vitality & Sensuality)

Portal 2 - Heart (Unconditional Love & Emotions)

Portal 3 - Mind (Divine Inspiration & Thoughts)

Portal 4 - Energy (Creative Power & Energy)

Portal 5 - Money (Wealth & Prosperity)

Portal 6 - Community (Contribution & Compensation)

Portal 7 - Sanctuary (Relaxation & Rejuvenation)

Portal 8 - Pleasure (Sensuality & Sexuality)

Portal 9 - Infinite Self (Divinity & Humanity)

Portal 10 - Leadership Part 1 (Love & Power)

This journey is for you if you have a desire to reclaim your divine feminine power. If you feel you have more to offer the world and for some reason you just cannot move to the next level of your life. If you just know deep down inside you are ready to experience more freedom in your life. If you desire to see yourself feeling good in your body, being healthy emotionally, having a clear mind, having a strong life-force and experiencing more prosperity then this journey is for you.

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