Metamorphix Method

What does Metamorphix mean?


Meta - tapping into universal consciousness to access your codes of your highest potential

Morph - embracing transformation to Rebirth yourself at a higher energy level

Ix - Activating your Creatrix for blissful, passionate service in the world

The Metamorphix Method is a unique system of energy work I developed that allows the individual to go "meta" to transform their life & expand their creative capacity by raising their unique frequency of expression to its optimal energetic setting for this time in their life. It supports the alignment of your energy grids of love and passion with those of service of the collective.


Be still
to Her 
the One that speaks from deep within You 
She asks you to free Her
from the doing, the story, the structure of your life 
into the alchemical darkness of the cocoon of metamorphosis
allowing transformation
to bring in crystaline clarity
ultimate freedom  
in the light where 
your gifts are revealed to the world.

~The Metamorphix/ Butterlfly Woman