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~It is Time to Prosper~
~To Live from a place Inspired by Your Inner Truth & Passion~


~Let me support you to live a life enriched with inner peace & self-fulfillment ~

EXPERIENCE rejuvenation, deep healing and transformation with me at my Mariposa Ct Studio in White Rock, NM, a Sanctuary dedicated to Healing, Transformation & Manifestation, located in the magical mountains of northern New Mexico. I also have availability in Los Alamos, NM.


You may work with me locally in person or virtually via phone, Skype or Zoom.


"I love to help people recognize and kindle their passion for life (that which enlivens you with every breath) and I offer healing for your body, mind, and soul as a doorway and a support to finding and embracing your passionate, beautiful and joyful life."


My work is a fusion of elements of spiritual guiding, energy healing, and bodywork.



I work directly with the energy fields to support the activation of higher frequency energies within your cellular matrix that have been dormant for various reasons. The shift in your energy body allows your physical body to come into a new set point where the sympathetic nervous system is not stuck in the "on" position producing stress chemicals and the associated physical milieu of aliments. The energetic shift allows your body's DNA to turn "on" the process for producing the nurturing and nourishing chemistry in your physical body associated with safety, pleasure and joy balancing out the stress chemicals, so they are only produced when actually needed to react to a true threat. Your new found energy can be used for creativity and love. I also support you to direct strong emotions into creativity as part of the process. Even the heavier emotions and trauma that are a part of life are filled with gems of inspiration and can be excavated for your benefit.


"Love me in my Wholeness..Totality...Liberty and Surrender to the Flow of the Universe." 



I provide custom programs for the individual and groups.


I provide education on topics of wellness/wellbeing such as essential oils, healing skin care, therapeutic myofascial yoga, meditation, and nutrition.

I create artisan alchemical essential oil & crystal aromatherapy blends, jewelry, and other musings of divine indulgence.

I support you to create Sanctuary in your life.

I work with people seeking ways to channel more passion and creativity into their lives to nurture their body, mind and soul and cultivate a more fulfilling lifestyle.

I create an opportunity for people from all walks of life to begin a journey to well-being of body, mind and soul through healing body and energy work.

My philosophy is that life is energy and maintaining an energy level to thrive and live a healthy, active and creative life begins with a balanced self-care plan for body, mind and soul.


Contact me for an appointment and begin your alchemical transformation today.

Multitudes of Blessings

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